Flora and Fauna

Due to the significant variation in altitude and rainfall, Chinnar has a wide array of habitat types like deciduous forests, dry thorn scrub, riparian forests, shoals and grassland.It has about 1000 species of flowering plants and is a well known respository of medicinal plants.There are 114 endemics and Aibizia lathamii,a critically endangered tree has been recently reported from the dry frosts. Chinnar has recorded the largest number of reptilian fauna in Kerala including the mugger crocodile. With 225 recorded species of birds,it is one of the richest areas of south India in avian diversity.The riverine forests support a healthy population of the endangered Grizzled Giant Squirrel, the pride of Chinnar.The famous and extremely rare white bison has been recently reported.Other important mammals found are elephant, tiger, leopard, guar, sambar, spotted deer, Nilgiri tar, common langur, bonnet macaque etc.The phenomenon of butterfly migration occurs in between the monsoons.

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